Behavior Modification

The sole purpose for canine behavior modification is to change undesirable or harmful behaviors with behavior that is more desirable and far healthier for your dog. In order to properly modify any type of undesirable behavior, your dog must first be properly obedience trained.

Kind To Canines primary techniques for behavior modification:

Counter Conditioning Training– This is the process of changing your dog’s emotional and physical response towards a specific stimulus from a negative to a positive.

Desensitization Training– This is working on gradual exposure to situations or stimuli that brings on undesirable behavior in your dog, but at a level so low there is no response. The key to this type of process is to design a stimulus gradient so that your dog can be gradually exposed to more intense levels of the problematic stimulus without exhibiting the undesirable behavior.







Canine Behavior Modification Can Be Used For:

Phobias towards People, Dogs, Noises, and Objects

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors

Leash Aggression Towards People, Dogs, or other Small Animals