Thanks for your perseverance with Rebel. We certainly appreciate your dedication to your field. I think any other trainer would have deemed her a hopeless case!


Matt and I would like to thank you so much for what you have accomplished with Scotty. We can’t believe he is the same dog! We are more than happy with the results of his training. We know how much work it was for you and we are extremely appreciative of that. It is very obvious that you are dedicated to what you do. You treated Scotty as if he was your own and made us feel comfortable about everything during the three weeks he spent with you. We are grateful that it was you that trained him! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mindy & Matt

Larry and I have been busy making sure Asja adjusts to everything here. We found a great dog park only 10 minutes from our house and we take her every day. Last night Larry was trying to count the dogs and he said there must have been 100 dogs there. She is adjusting well, thanks to all of your caring and hard work with her this summer! We are so glad we found you and we appreciate and admire your ability to love, understand, and train dogs. Asja will be a different dog because of you! Thanks so much.

Susan & Larry

Dan…just want to thank you for the training you gave Kurt for the week he was with you. He came home very subdued (tired) from all his play. We have kept up with the heeling command and he walks like a different dog. Very much conditioned against being distracted by outside noises, dogs, or distractions.

Jack & Fred